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Fun Facts About Gotland Sheep

Fun Facts: FAQ


Natives of Gotland Island, in the Baltic Sea off of mainland Sweden, our docile current day Gotlands are generations out of a primitive breed known as the Gute Sheep.  Their ancestry is shared with other Landrace Breeds thought to have traveled settled with the Vikings during their trade era.


Over the last century the Gotland sheep has been bred to be polled, (without horns), and to produce some of the world's most sought-after fleeces and pelts.  Gotlands are a smaller medium sized multi-purpose breed with sleek black heads and legs, and silky, curly, lustrous wool that ranges in color from light silver to dark gray.


The Gotland is being established through a process called upbreeding that requires research, planning, some experimentation, and a combination of artificial insemination and natural breeding.  The goal is to replicate as closely as possible, the Swedish Gotland.

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