Sheep for Sale

2021 Gotland/East Friesian Ewe Lambs


50% Gotland/50% East Friesian ewe lambs, Lady and Lilly are growing quickly, and have the rich lanolin of the Friesian wool, and strong Gotland curl.  We expect the ewe lambs to not only have unique fleeces, but to also be wonderful milkers, as both breeds are known for this trait.  A great option if you'd like to have great fiber in addition to milk.  350

IMG_2220 (2).JPG

2021 Twin Ewe Lambs

Inari and Isabel are easy to love!  95% Swedish, UK, and NZ Gotland genetics, they are out of RCF Helenor and TF Prince Charming.   Their conformation is perfect, fleeces will be amazingly beautiful, and their dispositions are delightful - they are truly lovely.  It's likely that at least one of these sweet girls will stay with us this year.  750

Inari and Isabel.JPG

2021 Ram and Ewe Lambs

These two are prize-winners, hands down, out of RCF Inga and TF Isidor.  Gorgeous long bodies, great conformation, their fleeces will be spectacular, and their dispositions are quiet, confident, respectful, and friendly.  It's an ongoing deliberation as to whether or not either of these two will actually leave the herd!  900   Jonis is sold, Julea is available. 


2021 Ram Lambs

97% Swedish Gotland genetics, out of TF Maisie and TF Isidor, grandsires are Sindarve Bla and Kalder Lakris.  Twins, their growth rate and conformation are excellent.  Very personable and energetic, they are fun to have around, and will make wonderful herd sires!  750. SOLD

Karsten and Kasper.JPG

2021 Ewe Lamb

97% Swedish and NZ Gotland genetics, out of TF Indi and TF Prince Charming.  Jessi is a strong girl with a very solid conformation, excellent growth rate, and lovely gray fleece.  Her dam and granddam have exquisite fleeces, and are wonderful mothers, and she should follow suit.  550. SOLD


2021 Twins, Ram and Ewe Lambs

97% primarily NZ genetics, their fleeces are amazing.  Iver is the first white Gotland born at our farm, and sold almost immediately!  Their dispositions are sweet, and conformation wonderful, these two are perfect for starter herds!  Their dam has NZ genetics, and sire has UK & NZ, and their fleeces will be stunning!  Iver Sold, Luci staying.

Luci and Iver.JPG

2021 Twins, Ram and Ewe Lambs

Out of RCF Fiorella and TF Prince Charming, they have 93% Swedish, UK, and NZ Gotland genetics.  These lambs are charming, and have the richest curly fleeces you'll find!  Gabriella is sold, and will be the first herd dam on a new farm,  Galen is quiet and peaceful, has an elegant conformation, and would make a wonderful herd sire.  Galen 500

Galen and Gabbi.JPG

2021 Ram Lamb

94% Swedish Gotland genetics, Henrik is respectful young ram out of a first-time remarkable ewe, TF Grace, and TF Isidor.  He's got impressive conformation, beautiful loose curly fleece, and very attractive features.  He'll make a very nice herd sire.  750. SOLD

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2020 ewe lamb out of RCF Inga and SVG Hektor, 98.1202%



2020 ewe lamb out of RCF Havina and SO Frodo.  93%, Swedish genetics.


Ilaria from Ryan 20200605_103446.jpg

2020 ewe lamb out of SO Anja and SO Frodo.  90%, Swedish and UK genetics.


summer 2020 1.jpg

Proven Gotland ewe, 96.4845%, Swedish genetics


Havina portrait.jpg

Proven two year old Gotland ewe, 98.6125%, Swedish and NZ genetics.



2020 Gotland ram lamb out of RCF Heida and ATF Inigo Montoya 95.7995%.  

2020 Proven Herd Sire, available for sale as of 12/1/21.


2020 Gotland ram lamb out of RCF Havina and SO Frodo, 93.7125%. 


Iva .jpg

Proven Gotland ram, 92.9688%, Swedish Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron are grandsires.  Inigo sired several of our 2020 lambs which are staying with the herd, one of his sons will take his place as a herd sire this year.  He is a magnificent ram, stellar conformation, out of a line of BSG Champions.  An excellent herd sire, he is a very proactive breeder, and sires very high quality offspring.