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Sheep for Sale: Welcome


We take reservations and deposits for lambs every year, as many are sold within the first three months of age, even before they're born!  Reservations are also available for mature stock.  

If you're looking for a starter herd, a fiber pet, specific genetics or particular traits to diversify or improve your herd, let us know - we can help you get a head start on that!  If you have questions about the lambs we're anticipating, the reservation process, or even just about the breed - please get in touch!



Deciding on the next season's pairings actually begins during the current lambing season.  As lambs are born and develop, we witness the results of the previous fall's parings and assess the success of our decisions.  We're very particular about our herd stock's quality, so one of our greatest challenges is deciding which lambs to keep, and if they'll serve as replacements in our program.


TF Konstace

TF Konstance is a Registered Purbred Gotland ewe, proven with twins in her first year.  Her 95.8985% Swedish genetics include Skinnarve Allen, Sindarve Nestor, Sindarve Bla, and Ervalla Ztrong.

Konstance is very friendly, with a pretty face and feminine conformation.  Her fleece is very light silver-white with gentle luster and small-medium curls.  It has a soft hand, and is excellent for spinning and felting, and true color dyeing.

She is available for pick up now for $1575 with twins latched on, or for $1200 post-weaning in July. 

Her lambs are individually available at this point for $550 each, to be picked up following weaning,  At that time, weaned lambs will be $700.

IMG_0922 Kalia.JPG

TF Sofie

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TF Josefin

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TF Kalia

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IMG_0915 Ivy_edited.png

TF Ivy

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TF Idalia

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