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Sheep for Sale: Welcome


We take reservations and deposits for lambs every year, as many are sold within the first three months of age, often before they're born!  Reservations are also available for mature stock.  

If you're looking for a starter herd, a fiber pet, specific genetics or particular traits to diversify or improve your herd, let us know - we can help you get a head start on that!  If you have questions about the lambs we're anticipating, the reservation process, or even just about the breed - please get in touch!  

The following profiles are summaries of 2022 fall pairings, photos will be added as lambs arrive!


Paired with Debonair

Having the exciting opportunity to use him, our new Senior Gotland Herd Sire Debonair had a busier fall than our other guys.  His 2022 ladies are:

Inari, Isabel, Ileana, Fiorella, Irene, Sofie, and Kala.

Debonair brings Sindarve Silver and Nors Fox, and corporately, these dams bring Kalder Lakris, Skinnarve Allen, Rolls Royce, Granby Mr. Big, Fattings Aron, Ervalla Ztarke, Sindarve Nestor, and UK David.

We're anticipating exciting arrivals this year!


Prince Charming's Ladies

Senior Gotland Herd Sire, Prince Charming, is paired with fewer ewes this year, as several of his offspring are Gotland Herd Dams, but Helenor was a hands-down choice.  Prince brings UK Rolls Royce and The Dane, Helenor brings Kalder Lakris and Skinnarve Allen

Prince also services our lovely East Friesian, Princess, every year and their lambs are large and lovely.

ISI 2022 December_edited.jpg

Isi's Ladies

Gotland ram Isi had a quieter fall than usual, he spent time with Fantina and Joelle.

Isi and Fantina produce stunning lambs with gorgeous curly, highly lustrous fleece, excellent conformation, high rate of gain, and steady demeanors.  Isi brings Kalder Lakris, Skinnarve Allen, Fattings Aron and Granby Mr. Big, dam brings Sindarve Shaun, Nors Fox and Mr. Big.

We also put Joelle with Isi.  Sire brings Kalder Lakris, Skinnarve Allen, Fattings Aron, and Granby Mr. Big, dam brings Sindarve Frodo and Sindarve Bla.

BJR Duke 18_edited.jpg

Banjo Ranch Duke

Duke is a Junior Gotland Herd Sire in his first service.

His 2022 dates were with TF Ilsa and TF Gerdi.   Duke and Ilsa's lambs will have Ervalla Gray Ztarke, Ervalla Ztrong, Kalder Lakris, and Lindholm in their recent pedigrees.

Duke and Gerdi will have Ervalla Gray Ztarke, Ervalla Ztrong, Sindarve Shaun, Nors Fox and Kalder Lakris in recent pedigrees. 

OR Galahad IMG_4694-1[2577]_edited_edited.jpg

OR Galahad

Head Gotland Herd Sire, OR Galahad, remained at HarvestCalling farm but he serviced Judith prior to jher oining us in October 2022.  Like Debonair before him, Galahad has been one of Brad Isbell's Primary Herd Sires, a stout, but good-sized ram with large defined curls.

Lambs out of Galahad and Jusith will have Skinnarve Allen and Sindarve Bla grandsires.

Sheep for Sale: Meet the Team
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