2021 Spring Lambs

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Lady (Staying), and Lenard (Sold)

February 26

Our first lambs of 2021, twins out of East Friesian ewe TF Princess, and Gotland ram TF Prince Charming.

50% Gotland/50% East Friesian, these lambs are maturing with great body mass and unusual fleeces!  They and have the rich lanolin of the Friesian wool, and curl of the Gotlands!

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Maks and Meira

February 28

92.5294% twins out of Sheepstead Anja, and TF Ian. 

One each, ram and ewe, these beautifully maturing lambs have Swedish Gotland and UK genetics that include Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron. 

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Inari (Reserved), and Isabel

March 20

95.8028% Purebred twins out of RCF Helenor and TF Prince Charming have Swedish Kalder Lakris, Sindarve Bla, and UK Rolls Royce grandsires.  Beautiful conformation and fleece, and utterly charming dispositions, they are both going to be spectacular herd dams.

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Karsten and Kasper.JPG

Jonis and Julea

March 21

97.8028% Purebred twins out of TF Isidor and RCF Inga.  Swedish Kalder Lakris and Sindarve Bla are grandsires, and their pedigree includes Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron.  They possess all of the traits you want in your herd - stellar conformation, beautiful wool, and gentle, quiet dispositions.

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Karsten and Kasper

March 24

97.0093% Purebred twin ram lambs out of TF Maisie and TF Isidor. 

Swedish genetics, with Sindarve Bla and ATF Inigo Montoya with Aron, these ram lambs are growing steadily, and would be wonderful starter herd sires or fiber pets.  Charming, with lovely fleeces and conformation.

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Jessi  (Sold)

March 25

94.5% NZ and SWE single ewe lamb out of TF Indi and TF Prince Charming.

Grandsire RCF Gustav and Gannarve.

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Luci and Iver.JPG
Galen and Gabbi.JPG
Grace and Henrik.JPG

Luci, and Iver (Sold)

March 26

94.5% NZ and Swedish twins out of TF Prince and RCF Haelee. One each, ewe and ram.

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Galen, and Gabriella (Sold)

April 4

92.9688% twins out of RCF Fiorella and TF Prince Charming.  Swedish Ervalla Ztarke grandsire, and UK Rolls Royce genetics. 

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April 11

94.043% Swedish Ervalla Ztarke grandson out of TF Grace and TF Isidor.

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Lilly and Lonnie, (Both sold)

March 15

Twins out of Gotland Ram TF Prince Charming and East Friesian ewe TF Dairy Queen. 

50% Gotland/50% East Friesian.

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