Stole, Chunky Baby Llama, Merino, and Si

Shoulder Wrap

This warm and lightweight little stole will fit your mood - stylish and artsy, classy, or casual!  It's woven from chunky baby Llama and Merino wools, and silk.  Neutral beige, it's suitable for any occasion, and can be worn under a coat or alone.

Scarf 8 in x 4ft merino-silk-acrylic.jpg

Lightweight Scarf

A gentle weave, this lightweight scarf is soft and cozy.  It's 8 inches by 48 inches, long enough to double wrap on chilly days, short enough to hang around your neck when you just want a little something to go with a sweater or coat.  Elegant or casual wear, it works either way.


Shoulder Throw


Neck Warmer


More to Come!