2020 Gotland Lambs


TF Jaana and TF Maisie

Purebred at 98.1202%, these twin sisters are out of RCF Inga and SVG Hektor.  Born 1/31/20, they have Sindarve Bla, Ervalla Gray Ztrong, Fattings Aron, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big in their pedigrees. 

Their conformation is excellent, nice straight long backs, squarely set legs, and beautiful sleek black heads and legs.  

Jaana joined a new herd in Oregon, and Maisie, shown here, has remained as a 2020 Herd Dam.

m perfect.jpg

TF Indi

Purebred at 97.9493%, born 2/4/20, Indi is out of RCF Haelee and RCF Gustav (a direct son of Swedish Gannarve).  Her pedigree includes Gannarve, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big, as well as NZ Zakarias.

Indi has a very solid conformation.  Her topline is long and level, excellent weight gain and rapid growth, and her medium gray fleece is lofty and lustrous, with a gentle curl structure.

Indi has remained as one of our 2020 Herd Dams.

Ileana and Ian 3.jpg

TF Ian and TF Ileana

Purebred at 95.7995%, these twins were born 03/07/20, and have Swedish Granby Mr. Big, Fattings Aron, and Skinnarve Allen in their pedigrees.  


Both have nice long bodies, squarely set legs, steady growth rates, and lovely fleeces with beautiful looping curls.  Ileana had a strikingly brilliant lustrous silvery fleece on the day she was born, absolutely stunning.  Ian's is more subtle, and growing out as a medium gray, with lovely luster.  

Ileana has remained as one of our 2020 Herd Dams.  Ian has served both as a Herd Sire for us, as well as on lease to another young herd.

isi 3.jpg

TF Isidor

Purebred at 95.8985%, Isidor is out of RCF Helenor and ATF Inigo Montoya.  He was born on 3/11/2020, and with all Swedish genetics that include Kalder Lakris, Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron, he is dually registerable.

Isidor was a large single lamb born to a first time dam, has superb conformation, very masculine features, and a beautiful Swedish style dark gray fleece, with large looping curls, and sparkling luster.  He is solid, has an excellent growth weight, quiet, and respectful.  

Replacing his sire, Isidor has remained with us as a 2020 Herd Sire.


TF Ivan and TF Ilaria

93.7125%, these twins were born on 3/11/20, out of RCF Havina and SO Frodo.  Their pedigree includes a broad spectrum of Swedish and UK bloodlines.

Their conformations are solid and stout, with long straight backs and squarely set legs.  Their fleeces are long lofty staples of tight curls.  Shown here, Ivan is a natural showman, poised and proper!  Ivan and Ilaria have both moved, as members of new starter herds.


TF Grace

92.1875%, born 3/18/2020, Grace is out of SO Anja and SO Frodo.  She's got a stout and solid build, lovely conformation, and a very pretty face!  Her growth rate and weight gain have been medium.  

Grace is charming, chatty, and irresistible!  Her very soft fleece has remained dark, and has beautiful luster growing out in moderate curls.

Grace has remained as a 2020 Herd Dam.


TF Olivia

90.1215%, Olivia is out of SO Frodo and SO Anja.  She has Swedish and UK genetics, a lovely conformation, soft feminine features, and exceptional growth rate. 

Olivia's fleece is stunning, an extremely lustrous icy silver gray, with curly silky staples.  She is utterly sweet, very quiet, and likes a bit of personal time with her favorite humans!    

Olivia has remained as a Herd Dam this year.