A Bit About Us

​We have a lot of fun with our sheep, and do our best to keep them happy and healthy.  Our desire is for them to lead pleasant and productive lives, whether with our herd, or as part of another.

Strategy and enthusiasm guide our selection of herd sires and dams, and our herd carries the highest profile bloodlines available.  Pairings are carefully planned in order to produce animals that will meet or exceed standards.   Several outstanding 2020 lambs remained as herd dams and sires last fall, and exceptional 2021 out of them will remain as part of our team.  

Everyone has their own goals.  As a breeder, we focus on conformation, color, fleece quality, and disposition.  An attractive lamb may not fit into our herd development goals, but will be perfect for a starter herd, or make a wonderful fiber pet.

The Gotland sheep is charming, playful, curious, and very friendly.  From the time they are born, we handle our lambs so they become comfortable with it, and us.  We also encourage visitors to meet the sheep - most of them enjoy being with people, and will seek neck rubs from anyone they can get close to!