Billings, MT, USA

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A Bit About Us

In October, we celebrated the opportunity to bring in a new and exceptional line-up of Gotland herd sires and dams.  Carefully and strategically, we selected a small herd of ewes and rams with pedigrees that carry a broad spectrum of the highest profile bloodlines and genetics available.

2019 threw its doors wide open with change.  In January, we were anticipating a relocation to Alaska, so our entire herd - East Friesian dairy sheep, Finnsheep, Gotlands, and Icelandic/Jacobs - was rehomed by February, getting several excited new breeders started with high quality herd stock. 

Although this wasn't how I envisioned it happening, one of my goals is to help establish Gotland breeders in between the coasts.  As it turned out, we stayed right where we are - and took advantage to let unoccupied pastures rest before bringing in a new crew.