Our Herd Dams

Most of our gals are directly sired, or within one generation of being sired by the most desirable Swedish rams available to the GSBANA and AGSS.  Their Gotland genetics range from 89.2975% - 99.7071%.

We had an exciting opportunity this year to add several herd dams, many of which are directly sired by the original Swedish rams used to start the upbreeding program in the US!  These ladies came to us from two of GSBANA's foremost breeders, one being a GSBANA founder, and are the forebears of many of US champions, as well as the foundation stock for many prominent breeders.   

As you look through the bios posted, you'll notice many of the same ram lines in their pedigrees.  Nors Fox, Fattings Aron, Granby Mr. Big, and others were among the first bloodlines used in the upbreeding program when it was started over fifteen years ago.  

IMG_4404 (2).JPG
Madam Helenor, February 2021.JPG
Madam Fiorella, 2021.JPG
Miss Maisie, February 2021.JPG
Ileana fall 2020.jpg