Our Herd Dams

Many of our herd dams are directly sired by the most desirable Swedish rams available in the US.  Additionally, they are out of dams that have also been sired by prestigious rams.

These strong and diverse genetic lines are the cornerstones of our herd, and our foundation stock was sourced from successful, reputable breeders from coast to coast.  We add new ram lines periodically in order to maintain a broad diversity of genetics in order to continue to improve our herd with each generation, produce exceptional herd replacement ewes and rams, and to provide exceptional stock for others.

As you look through the bios posted, you'll notice many of the same ram lines in their pedigrees such as Nors Fox, Fattings Aron, Granby Mr. Big, and others, as they were among the first bloodlines used in the upbreeding program when it was started over fifteen years ago. Many new lines have been imported since then, but each of those original lines continues to produce remarkable specific traits.

It's time to introduce the ladies we'll be pairing with our fantastic rams this fall as we plan next Spring's lambing season!

Fiorella and Helenor


RCF Helenor, 98.8282%, is a direct daughter of Swedish Kalder Lakris and RCF Gaira, and is among the first Lakris progeny in the US. 

Helenor's pedigree includes Swedish Kalder Lakris, Skinnarve Allen, Gannarve, and Granby Mr. Big. 

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Fiorella, 2021


RCF Fiorella, 93750%, is a direct daughter of Swedish Ervalla Gray Ztarke and RCF Ella.  

Fiorella's pedigree includes Swedish Ervalla Gray Ztarke, Sindarve Nestor and Granby Mr. Big.  Fiorella is a registered black Gotland.

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Fantina with Liam and Gerdi.JPG


RCF Heida, 98.63%, is a daughter of RCF Gillis, direct son of Swedish Fattings Aron, and RCF Gisele.

Heida's pedigree includes Swedish Skinnarve Allen, Sindarve Nestor, Nors Fox, Granby Mr. Big, and NZ several generations back.

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OR Irene

OR Irene, 96.5% registered Purebred with Swedish Gotland genetics, is a daughter of UK David, and her dam is a Sindarve Silver daughter. 

Irene came to us this fall from HarvestCalling farm in Missoula, and we're thrilled to have the UK genetics she brings - along with a spicey sense of humor!  Her 2022 lambs have stunning fleeces and conformation that are consistent with the Swedish standard we're all striving to produce!

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IMG_4394 (2).JPG


TF Ileana, 95.8009% and registered Purebred, was born in 2020, a Fattings Aron granddaughter, with Granby Mr. Big in her pedigree and some NZ on her dam's side. 

She's a very solid girl, strong, a great mom, and had the most brilliant silver fleece when she was born.  She's produced truly excellent lambs, Her ram lamb this year was at the top of our list in excellence, and would have stayed as a replacement if we weren't keeping his sire. 

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