Our Herd Dams

Most of our gals are directly sired, or within one generation of being sired by the most desirable Swedish rams available to the GSBANA and AGSS.  Their Gotland genetics range from 89.2975% - 99.7071%.

We had an exciting opportunity this year, adding five herd dams all directly sired by the original Swedish rams' genetics!  These ladies came to us from one of GSBANA's founding breeders, and are not only the forebears of many of US champions, but also the foundation stock for many prominent national breeders.  Details and photos are forthcoming. 

As you look through the bios posted, you'll notice many of the same ram lines in their pedigrees.  Names such as Fattings Aron, Granby Mr. Big, and others were among the first bloodlines used in the upbreeding program when it was started over fifteen years ago.  

Ma'am Inga, February 2021.JPG


RCF Inga, 99.7071%, a direct daughter of Swedish Sindarve Bla and RCF Gisele, is among the first generation of Bla progeny in the US.  In addition to Bla, Inga's pedigree carries Fattings Aron, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big.

Madam Helenor, February 2021.JPG


RCF Helenor, 98.8282%, a direct daughter of Swedish Kalder Lakris and RCF Gaira, is among the first Lakris progeny in the US.   Helenor's pedigree also carries Skinnarve Allen, Gannarve, and

Granby Mr. Big. 

Madam Fiorella, 2021.JPG


RCF Fiorella, 93.750%, is a direct daughter of Swedish Ervalla Grey Ztarke and RCF Ella.  ​Fiorella's pedigree also carries Sindarve Nestor and Granby Mr. Big.  Fiorella is a registered black Gotland.

Madam Haelee, Februrary 2021.JPG


RCF Haelee, 97.075%, is a direct daughter of ABF Aldur, a 100% NZ Gotland ram, and RCF Gigi.  Her pedigree includes NZ Hoppy, Swedish Sindarve Nestor, Fattings Aron, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big.  Haelee is a registered white Gotland.

Anja February 2021.JPG


SO Anja, 89.2975%, is a daughter of Tumbelle Dante and Sheepstead Bertha.  Her pedigree carries Swedish Fattings Aron and Lindholmen, and NZ Choccywool Ben.

Miss Maisie, February 2021.JPG


Registered Purebred at 98.1202%, TF Maisie was born 1/31/2020, and is out of RCF Inga, (above), and SVG Hektor.  Her grandsire is Sindarve Bla, and Ervalla Gray Ztrong, Fattings Aron, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big are also in her pedigree.

Maisie has a beautiful radiant silver fleece, and like her dam, Inga, a beautiful long body, and clean, jet-black face and legs.

Miss Indi, February 2021.JPG


Registered Purebred at 97.9493%, born 2/4/20, TF Indi is out of RCF Haelee and RCF Gustav (a direct son of Swedish Gannarve).  Her pedigree also includes Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big, as well as NZ Zakarias.

Indi has a very solid conformation.  A large frame, like her dam Haelee, her topline is long and level, her legs are squarely set and strong.  Indi's medium gray fleece is growing out with the NZ lightweight loft, in softly winding, medium gray curls.



Registered 92.1875%, born 3/18/2020, TF Grace is out of RCF Fiorella and Sheepstead Frodo.  She's got a stout and solid build, lovely conformation, and is growing steadily.  She's a wonderful addition to our dams.

Grace is charming and chatty like her dam Fiorella.  Born jet black as most Gotland lambs are, her fleece is only now lightening, growing out as a beautiful medium-dark gray, and with lovely luster and tighter curls.

Ileana fall 2020.jpg


Registered Purebred at 95.4744, TF Ileana was born on 3/7/2020, and had the most unusual, striking, brilliant fleece I've ever seen!  She is out of ATF Inigo Montoya and RCF Heida, and her pedigree includes Granby Mr. Big, and Nors Fox.

Ileana is growing quickly, with the same amazing conformation as both of her parents, solid, long body, straight topline, great presence.  Her fleece is a glorious, iridescent silver, with loose looping curls that grows at a rate faster than most.