Billings, MT, USA

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We're very excited to have these gals in the family!  Most are directly sired, or within one generation of being sired by the most desirable Swedish rams available to the GSBANA and AGSS and their genetics range from 90.20% - 99.7071%.


A 2018 daughter of Sindarve Bla and RCF Gisele, Inga is among the first generation of Bla  progeny in the US.

At 99.7071%, she also has Fattings Aron, Nors Fox, and Granby Mr. Big, as well as NZ Bruce and Hoppy in her pedigree!


Helenor, a 2019 daughter out of Kalder Lakris and RCF Gaira, is among the first Lakris progeny in the US. 

At 98.828%, she also has Skinnarve Allen, Gannarve, and Granby Mr. Big in her pedigree. 


Fiorella is AI by Swedish Ztarke and RCF Ella.

93.750%, her pedigree includes Sindarve Nestor and Granby Mr. Big.


Heida is a 2018 daughter of RCF Gillis, AI son of Fattings Aron, and RCF Gisele.

At 98.63%, her sire is AI by Fattings Aron, and her pedigree includes Skinnarve Allen, Sindarve Nestor, Nors Fox, Granby Mr. Big, and NZ Bruce and Hoppy a few generations back.


Iris is out of RCF Palsfar and RCF Daere.

At 92.688%, her sire is AI by Nors Fox, and her dam is AI by Granby Mr. Big.  She also carries Fattings Aron, and some NZ several generations back.


A 2019 born ewe out of RCF Gunderson and RCF Galina, Havina has a jam-packed pedigree!

At 96.49%, her sire is AI out of EG Ztrong, and she has Sindarve Shaun, Gannarve, Nors Fox, Granby Mr. Big, Fattings Aron, Sindarve Mercurius, and NZ genetics several generations back. 


Haelee is out of Aldur, a 100% embryo transplant ram, and RCF Gigi.

At 97.075%, her pedigree includes Sindarve Nestor and NZ Hoppy.


Out of RCF Thor, sire Palsfars is AI son of Fattings Aron, and Tum Iris.

93.609%, her AI grandsires are Nors Fox and Granby Mr. Big.


Daughter of Isaac, a 100% ram, embryo transplant with NZ genetics, and RCF Haelee.  98%  GSBANA Registered


Anja has all UK bloodlines, and is utterly darling with her unusual coloration.  AGSS and GSBANA registered.