Billings, MT, USA

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Our 2019 Herd Sires offer genetics out of some of the most highly prized Swedish, UK, and New Zealand rams.


Inigo Montoya

In 2019, this stellar guy is coming to us from Stephanie Schiffgens of Appletree Farm in Eugene, OR.  Second only to Ronan Country Fibers' Grand Champion at the 2019 Black Sheep Gathering, his ancestry is of RCF's as well!

Stephanie says Inigo is delightful to have around, and at 92.2 %, his pedigree includes Granby Mr. Big and Nors Fox.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming, 92.2%, is out of Lars and Belle, from our initial herd stock.  His conformation is excellent, his fleece stunning, and his disposition is everything you want in a ram - friendly, calm, and respectful.   

His sire's pedigree is of UK lineage, including Rolls Royce, The Dane, Rover, Calvin, Charles, and Fabian.  His dam carries Swedish Sindarve Nestor, and from NZ, ChoccyWool Ben, Zippy-Jared, Bruce, Ralph, and Hoppy.  


Frodo is joining us from Lisa Whytock of Sheepstead Orchards in Evans, WA., and has a strong pedigree from the UK and Sweden.  Frodo has grown a beautiful, long, and lustrous light gray coat, is very friendly, and has excellent conformation.  

His pedigree carries UK, Charles, Rolls Royce, Densel, Fabian, and Zorro, as well as Swedish Shaun and Gannarve.