Our Herd Sires

As with our Herd Dams, we're very picky in selecting Herd Sires.  Their genetics are out of the most highly prized Swedish, UK, and New Zealand Gotland rams. 

Some of our 2020 ram lambs were exceptional, we chose to use two as replacements for their sire in the fall 2020 breeding season.  We're looking forward to seeing their offspring!


TWF Prince Charming.jpg

Prince Charming

TWF Prince Charming, 92.2%, is out of PWF Lars and TUM Belle, born in March 2018.  His conformation is excellent, his fleece stunning, and his disposition is everything you want in a ram - friendly, calm, and respectful.  I had to use this picture - he's a playful guy, and a total photo-bomber.


His pedigree includes UK Rolls Royce, The Dane, and Fabian, Swedish Sindarve Nestor, and NZ ChoccyWool Ben.  He was paired with RCF Haelee. TF Indi, TF Olivia, and our two East Friesian ewes.



Sheepstead Frodo, 90.625%, is well proven in beautiful 2020 lambs!  Frodo has an amazing fleece - curls, curls, and more curls, and superb luster!  He also has a delightful disposition and wonderful conformation.

His pedigree carries UK Charles, Rolls Royce, Densel, Fabian, and Zorro, and Swedish Shaun and Gannarve.  We didn't employ Frodo in our 2020 breeding program, but plan to pair him with 2021 ewes that present with unusual and remarkable fleeces - his is amazing.



Purebred at 95.8985%, TF Isidor is out of RCF Helenor and ATF Inigo Montoya.  Isi was born on 3/11/2020, and with all Swedish genetics that include Kalder Lakris, Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron, he is dually registerable.

Isidor has superb conformation, very masculine features, and a beautiful Swedish style dark gray fleece, with large looping curls, and sparkling luster.  For the 2020 season, he was paired with RCF Inga, TF Maisie, TF Grace, and TF Ileana.

January 2020, Ian.jpg


Purebred at 95.8009%, a twin born on 03/07/20, TF Ian has Swedish Granby Mr. Big, Fattings Aron, and Skinnarve Allen in his pedigree.  


Ian has a nice long body, squarely set legs, a lovely medium gray fleece with loose looping curls as his winter coat grows out.  He has a pleasant disposition, was paired with SO Anja here, and offsite with TF Ilaria and RCF Havina.