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We're very picky when selecting Herd Sires!  Their genetics are out of premier bloodlines from Sweden, the UK, and NZ, but DNA alone doesn't produce excellence.  Our rams must also possess superior conformation and fleece quality, and have pleasant and respectful dispositions.

Our Herd Sires: Welcome
Prince Charming.JPG

Prince Charming

TWF Prince Charming, 92.1875% Gotland genetics, is out of PWF Lars and TUM Belle.  His pedigree includes UK Rolls Royce, The Dane, and Fabian, Swedish Sindarve Nestor, and NZ ChoccyWool Ben, and Ralph.

He's a masculine Gotland ram with a long back and balanced conformation, and he consistently produces elegant lambs.  His offspring have his friendly and playful disposition, and healthy growth rates.  His fleece is a bit lofty with small to medium sized curls - and still soft and silky as a five year old ram!  

ISI 2022 December

Isidor (Isi)

TWF Isidor is a Registered Purebred Gotland ram with 95.8985% Swedish genetics.  He has Kalder Lakris and Skinnarve Allen grandsires through his dam, and Granby Mr. Big and Fattings Aron through his sire.

"Isi" has produced exceptional quality offspring with the structured and lustrous curls Gotlands are known for, very solid conformation, and quiet dispositions.  He's respectful and pleasant, very easy to work with, an excellent ram.



OR Debonair came to us in October 2022, a prominent Gotland Herd Sire from HarvestCalling Farm in Missoula, MT.  His sire is Sindarve Silver, his dam is a Nors Fox daughter.

Debonair is an elegant Gotland ram with stately presence and absolutely lovely fleece.  He has a large masculine body and features, and a quiet, confident disposition.  His maturity and experience as a Senior Herd Sire are evident in the way he quietly watches over the ladies in the pasture!

BJR Duke 18


Banjo Ranch Duke is our 2022 Junior Gotland Herd Sire, his 94.5% Swedish genetics are from grandsires Ervalla Gray Ztarke and Ervalla Ztrong.

Duke has an amazing rate of gain, an energetic disposition, solidly square conformation, long and thick torso, sturdy long legs - he's going to be a big guy!  We're looking forward to welcoming his first lambs!

Our Herd Sires: Our Herd Sires
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