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Shearing - Harvesting Raw Wool

Shearing is necessary for the health and comfort of sheep. In the course of a year, depending on the breed, a sheep's coat can grow 8-12 inches in length, and can become quite dense and heavy.  One of our mature ewe's fleece is light and airy, and weighs about five pounds.  One of our ram's comes in at about fourteen pounds!  He's quite happy to be free of it during the hot summer months!

In the hands of a competent and careful shearer, sheep often relax, and even seem to enjoy it.  One of our Gotland guys, Olle, will take a nap in Shannon's arms if she'll let him!  From there, the beautiful fleeces are turned into yarn that's used in many arts, felted material, or even as is, in crafts.

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Humane Shearing

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Raw Wool

Shearing: Upcoming Events
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