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Wool and Fiber Arts: Welcome

"Sheep to Shawl"

This is a phrase used in fiber arts shows, demonstrations, and competitions that refers to the complete process of starting a project with raw fiber and processing and crafting it into a finished product.


Shearing is necessary for the health and comfort of wool sheep and goats raised for fiber.  In the course of a year, depending on the breed, a sheep's coat can grow 8-12 inches in length, and can become quite dense and heavy. 

In the hands of a competent and careful shearer, sheep often relax, and even seem to enjoy it.  From there,  beautiful fleeces are collected and processed in various ways.

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Handspun Yard

Hand spinning goes back hundreds of years primarily out of necessity, but it's now a very popular hobby and income source, creating beautiful and unusual yarns for a vast array of uses in the textiles industry.  Those who spin often purchase raw wool, spinning directly from lustrous long locks, or washing and carding the fiber into batts, rolags, and rovings in order to spin.

Spinning Wheel


Weaving has been practiced for thousands of years, with and without looms, and in a vast array of fibers.  In North America, it's often a hobby although artists also generate income from selling both functional pieces.  There are many styles of looms, a simple rigid heddle like the one shown here, and far more complex styles as well.



Felt is created using a number of techniques, Nuno wet felting, simple wet felting, and needle felting.  Nuno is often used to make lovely scarves and other clothing and home decor items, needle felting is often used to create figures and smaller pieces.  Felting can also be applied to sculpture, it's a versatile fiber art.


Knitting and Crochet

Although each of these probably deserve their own section, they are arts that use needles and hooks with fibers such as yarn to create patterns, wearables, home decor, that are creative and functional - as well as very beautiful.

Wool and Fiber Arts: What's Happening
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