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Our Raw Fleeces

We have many Virgin Lambswool and other fleeces to skirt and post!  The last year was unusually busy, and skirting had to be set aside for a while.  We list them on Etsy at TwistedFleeceRawWool as well as here.  If you're interested in anything in particular, please get in touch, we may have what you're looking for and can make yours a priority.  Thank you!

Our Fleeces: What's Happening
fiorella 2019.jpg

Fiorella, ewe, 93.75% Swedish Gotland genetics.  $30/Lb.  SOLD

Frodo 2020 post shearing.jpg

Frodo, ram, 90% UK Gotland genetics. $25/Lb.  SOLD


Grace, Lamb, 92% Swedish & UK Gotland genetics.  Virgin Lambswool,  $35/Lb.  One Pound Available.

Haelee img 1683

Haelee, Ewe, 97% NZ Gotland genetics.  $30/Lb.  One Pound Available.

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